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  • 04 Jul 2024

Chownk : A marketplace for immigration consultants

Harsh Abrol , the Co-founder of Chownk and Digittrix Infotech Private Limited, has a distinguished career spanning 14 years in the IT industry. With his extensive experience, Harsh has successfully managed and delivered over 500 projects to a diverse clientele around the globe. His deep understanding of the IT landscape and his commitment to excellence have established him as a respected professional in his field.

Driven by his entrepreneurial spirit and a keen sense of market needs, Harsh has conceived an innovative idea to create a platform that will revolutionize the way people connect with immigration consultants. This platform is designed to serve as a bridge between individuals aspiring to move abroad and verified, trusted, rated, and genuine immigration consultants.

The inspiration for this platform stems from the challenges many face when seeking reliable immigration advice and services. The process of moving to a new country is often fraught with complexities, including navigating legal requirements, understanding visa processes, and ensuring all documentation is correctly submitted. Many individuals find themselves overwhelmed and uncertain about whom to trust for accurate and ethical guidance.

Harsh's platform aims to address these issues by providing a centralized, user-friendly space where abroad aspirants can easily find and connect with immigration consultants who have been thoroughly vetted. The consultants on this platform will be verified for their credentials, ensuring they have the necessary qualifications and experience to provide accurate advice. Additionally, the platform will feature a rating and review system, allowing users to share their experiences and rate the services they receive. This transparency will help build a community of trust, making it easier for future users to make informed decisions.

Here are some key features CHOWNK have: 

  1. **Connect with the Right Audience**: Finding the right customers planning to go abroad can be challenging and costly. helps you connect directly with your target audience, reducing the need for expensive seminars, marketing, n number of calls, marketing efforts and much more. 
  2. **No Middle Person**: Streamline your operations by eliminating intermediaries Agents. 
  3. **Increase Visibility and Reputation**: Manage your profile page effectively to attract more customers by getting KYC verified, which will help you built trust in this unorganised industry. Showcase your profile with success stories, media and frequently asked questions. 
  4. **Staff Onboarding and Branch Management**: Add your staff to handle multiple calls, messages . 
  5. **Case Management**: Our platform centralises client case management, ensuring easy access to all relevant information, documents, and communication all at one place. 
  6. **Multiple branches**: Adding multiple branches is convenient which will allow various other offices to use same name and get in touch with there nearby leads 
  7. **Efficient Communication**: Utilise tools for secure messaging and real-time updates to enhance client-agent interaction. 
  8. **Customer Portal**: Clients can upload documents, check case status, and communicate with their agent through their own portal, improving transparency and satisfaction. 
  9. **Data Security**: We prioritise data security, ensuring all client information is stored securely and protected from unauthorised access. 
  10. **Reports and Analytics**: Access reporting and analytics tools to track performance, case progress, and identify areas for improvement. 


CHOWNK serves as a bridge for individuals gearing up for international journeys, By providing access to expert immigration consultants and reputable IELTS, PTE, and TOEFL training institutes. Within our platform, users enter a dynamic marketplace where they can effortlessly locate the right immigration consultants or English training institutions to suit their needs. Through CHOWNK , immigration consultants can establish comprehensive verified profiles, enabling them to seamlessly connect with potential clients via calls and chats directly within the platform. This innovative approach not only simplifies the search process but also fosters meaningful interactions, ensuring that individuals receive tailored guidance and support as they embark on their overseas endeavours. We prioritize safety and efficiency by rigorously verifying all immigration consultants who join our platform, requiring them to undergo thorough KYC checks including GST, PAN card, identity verification, and location confirmation before they are listed. Through CHOWNK, users can easily consult with experts via chat or video call, streamlining the application process directly within the platform

Linking authentic immigration consultants with individuals aspiring to travel abroad for studies, work, leisure, or business is our mission. Our platform facilitates seamless connections between consultants and users via chat or call features integrated within the system. All interactions are securely recorded within the platform, utilizing state-of-the-art encryption to safeguard sensitive data from unauthorized access. This ensures confidentiality and peace of mind for both parties involved. To further enhance trust and transparency, consultants undergo a stringent verification process. A verification badge is awarded only to consultants who provide valid KYC documents and government-issued authorizations, signaling their authenticity. Whether you're a student planning to study overseas, a professional seeking career opportunities abroad, an adventurer looking to explore new destinations, or an entrepreneur aspiring to expand your business globally, our platform connects you with reliable immigration consultants who can guide you through every step of your journey with expertise and integrity. Experience hassle-free and trustworthy immigration assistance tailored to your needs. Offers Direct Call or Chat with Immigration Consultants within the platform Website and Mobile app.

Customers can filter consultants according to there ratings, specialization , city and visiting country

Once Customer is Sure that he/she want to go ahead with consultant , we have option at consultant side to send offer which will be accepted by customer side to start preparing files and documents for necessary immigration process

Currently Immigration Industry is not very well organised , if anyone want to go abroad whether for studies , work or pr . They should have to go with Immigration consultants which are near or shown in advertising or reference and neither they have option to verify there Documents , Reviews or Previous Work history

Chownk was Created to Streamline these issues and show customer a complete Detail Overview about Immigration Company


Written by Shubham Kumar

An Expert Digital Marketer who has 4 years experience in Digital Marketing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All your queries answered

Yes , We have Created Chat/Audio and Video Call withink Chownk in all Platforms Web and Mobile app.

Customers Can Regsiter with there mobile number and can connect with agents afterwards


Chownk acts only a bridge to connect Customers with genuine consultants vy verifiying there documents and there KYC
Consultants services vary from study visa , PR , spouse visa , business visa , Work visa etc


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