Immigration CRM Development

The aim of the CRM is to provide a system that will oversee the immigration process, stay abreast of technological developments and trends, and foster relationships with agents, staff, and service users.


The objective is to develop a system that will oversee the immigration process, stay abreast of technological developments and trends, and foster relationships with agents, staff, and service users.


The immigration process is now more intricate than ever. The immigration agency is receiving more applications every day. Not only must the process be managed, but technological trends and advancements must also be followed. Manually managing the entire process can be stressful and time-consuming. The automated immigration system proves to be extremely helpful in this situation.

Without a doubt, large organizations as well as small and medium-sized ones benefit greatly from investing in a CRM system. With so much data and information gathered in one location, you have the benefit of having access to it whenever and wherever you want.


The objective at this point was to thoroughly research the intended audience. Through this research, we gained an understanding of user needs and issues. This research helped us understand the user's needs and the suitability of the products we are designing and developing.


After probing the thoughts of our intended audience, we learned that immigration agencies occasionally encounter problems with the following:

  • 1. Collaborating with people from various departments to develop a document containing system requirements that address both present and future needs.
  • 2. Conduct research to find potential systems that could meet the organization's needs.
  • 3. A thorough System by System Comparison for a chosen shortlist, which facilitated a Demo Day where the systems were graded.
  • 4. Data migration from various databases, such as Microsoft Access and Excel, as well as matching and removing duplicate records
  • 5. Salesforce customization, the creation of report templates, and general Salesforce tailoring to meet the organization's unique requirements
  • 6. Initial staff support and training
  • 7. They spend time on various client-related tasks like sending emails, tracking call recordings, and other things because they lack centralized client data.

Our Target Audience:

Our app is ideal for immigration agencies that struggle with poor agency operations management.


  • a. With data centralization, multiple clients can be managed without difficulty or confusion. Numerous different universities and courses can be easily added and updated in the software, and you can let clients know when new courses and admissions opportunities are available.
  • b. Previously, numerous Excel files and processes or time-consuming manual sorting were needed for all segmented communications; now, they are simpler and take less time.
  • c. CRM systems offer report and finance management features. Reports ought to be accessible whenever you need them, whether or not you are in the office. This will enable you to keep track of changes over time and the progress of immigration projects for your clients.
  • d. You can also use the system to automate tasks like sending out newsletters or emails on specific days or weeks based on your strategy and planning.
  • e. In order to keep track of all of their contacts and prevent them from getting lost in the system, they can use immigration software programs. I


1. Planning:

We planned our strategy and carried it out because we had a distinct idea of what we wanted to produce. Our goal was to create a multi-featured immigration CRM that is also simple to use.

2. Prototyping:

Starting with low-fidelity sketches, we were able to get a basic idea of the CRM. Changes can be made at this point in development because doing so is less expensive than waiting until later stages. Additionally, we considered the target audience's feedback and critically assessed it.

3. Design

At this point, we improved the best wireframes and worked to produce designs that piqued the user's interest. The designer's second objective is to maintain visual coherence throughout the project so that it can be transformed into a useful CRM.

4. Development

We started with the backend of immigration CRM. Following that, we worked on the API(s) that will be included in the CRM. These APIs will be in charge of linking the software and the backend. Finally, we completed the software's front end. This section will be in charge of recording all interactions between users and the automated CRM.

5. Testing :

At this stage, we ensured that the software passed all of the tests: user testing, functional testing, performance testing, and finally security testing to ensure that our pet care app is secure and reliable.

6. Release :

This is the stage in which we make the software usable by the management.

8. Maintenance:

Maintenance is where we can monitor the software's status, squash any bugs that come up, and ensure the app keeps running smoothly. Updating software is also part of maintenance.

Technology Used:

Third-party APIs

SMS & mail gateway

Payment Gateway

Communication API( agora/Twilio)

Google API


Business analyst
Graphic designer
Project manager
Website designer
Web and API backend developer
Android app developer
IOS app developer
Quality analyst

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