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  • 20 Feb 2024

What Do You Need to Know About Telemedicine App Development?

As per statistica, the global telemedicine market size is estimated to reach $460 billion by 2030. This marketplace is huge and it's booming rapidly. Do you want to be a part of this industry? Are you planning to develop a telemedicine app for your pharmacy or hospital? You are at the right place.



At Digittrix, we help doctors and patients with a customized telemedicine app so that they don't have hassle to book an appointment. In this blog, we'll share a complete guide regarding telemedicine app development and how our expert developers can help you streamline all the doctor-patient processes. Stay tuned!

What is the Need of a Telemedicine App?

Undoubtedly, physicians and doctors are overworked and hospitals are overfilled. And above that, according to a 2020 report, the U.S healthcare costs have been rising rapidly, accounting to 4.1 trillion every year.

However, after the introduction of healthcare apps, the process has been smooth and budget-friendly both for patients and doctors. And the cause of this streamlined process is — telemedicines mobile apps. They have made the lives of millions of people easier.

A telemedicine app has changed the way people manage their health. It offers a combination of convenience and medical care mobility.

Being a leading telemedicine app development company, we understand the needs of healthcare startups and experienced doctors. So, if you want, we can help you develop a fully customized app for your healthcare website to streamline all your on-demand tasks.

Top 4 Features of Our Telemedicine App

The app we build is for doctors and their patients. The patients can make an appointment by adding their names, symptoms of a disease, contact details, after that, a dedicated doctor will be recommended to them. 

Schedule Appointments with Doctors and Physicians 

This feature is greeeeat! You can book appointments with doctors, practitioners, and nurses, at any time as per your requirements. Also, if you want to develop a telemedicine app for this feature, just contact us. 

By including this feature, you can help patients, making it easy to find on-demand doctors. All in all, a telemedicine app development company can connect with healthcare providers within a minute. 

Video Consultation with Healthcare Providers

Almost every app we have built has this convenient and user-friendly feature for patients - video calling. With this two-way communication, your patients or app users can easily connect with doctors and practitioners. 

Practically, if you want to build an app, ensure that it has a live session option. It will help you generate more leads and aid you in assisting loyal customers remotely.

Furthermore, the app we build allows all available doctors and helps patients to connect with them smoothly.  So instead of booking urgent meetings physically, Digittrix provides a customized doctor app. You can consult a doctor specialized in diseases like acne, ear problems, sinus, severe headaches, or any other problem.

In-App Chat for Doctors and Patients

Our healthcare app provides remote medical assistance tailored to suit your needs and lifestyle. Your business can overcome many hurdles encountered during medical treatments with our in-built chat function. This feature bridges the gap between patients and expert doctors.

Moreover, this function proves to be very helpful when physical consultations are not feasible. Your patients can rely on instantaneous chatting sessions to address any health concern with a telemedicine app. 

In simple words, we cater to your patients' preferences, building a strong connection with you anywhere, anytime.

Store Important Patient Information in a Single App

This feature allows doctors and physicians to organize and manage health-related information of their patients. 

For instance, patients with terminal illness like a heart or lung disease, doctors can assemble and store their medical records for future use. However, this feature may look basic but it plays a vital role in the lives of caregivers and patients alike.

Also, if you have not incorporated this feature in your app, let us help you include it.

Benefits of Developing a Telemedicines App

According to a survey conducted on U.S adults, telemedicine apps have changed their lives and it will become a necessity in the upcoming years. However, is developing a telemedicine app from scratch worth it? At Digittrix, we are convinced that it is.

Here are some of the significant benefits of telemedicine software development for patients and doctors.



For Patients

Speedy Care

Telehealth apps and websites grant fast physician access, often connecting patients to doctors within hours or even minutes, unlike traditional clinics with lengthy waiting periods.

Access to Narrow Doctors

Geographic limitations fade as patients gain entry to niche specialists otherwise difficult to find locally, accessing life-changing healthcare resources.

Multiple Opinions Available

Centralized medical histories allow patients to seek input from diverse professionals, promoting thorough diagnostics and tailored recommendations for optimal wellbeing.

For Doctors

Faster Access to Data

Doctors can review their patient’s file before the appointment, allowing them to do more in less time and serve more patients in a day.

Full Medical History

An app for healthcare providers displays all the information about the patient that is relevant to the case. It may include tests, doctors’ reports, and other documents, stored in one convenient place.

Wider Reach

With remote healthcare, hospitals and doctors can reach patients worldwide. International reach is a big part of the telemedicine appeal for healthcare companies.

Final Words

If you have a telemedicine app idea in your mind for your healthcare business and provide top-class patient experience, reach out to Digittrix Infotech. We have developed 100+ mobile and web apps for various industries. Twenty of them are for healthcare companies. Now that you know what features and benefits a telemedicine software development can provide, don't wait. Contact us now and share your idea with our experts.


Written by Gurpreet Singh

A talented wordsmith with 4+ rich years of experience specializing in technical SEO writing, niche-based articles, and persuasive copywriting. Gurpreet consistently delivers captivating stories backed by extensive research and sharp insight.

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At Digittrix, we build custom telemedicine apps that can easily integrate with electronic healthcare systems (EHR) and other platforms through interoperability and data exchange protocols.

Telemedicine software development services improve the patient experience by allowing them to overcome geographical barriers. It significantly minimizes waiting times and offers round-the-clock availability of doctors and physicians.

The overall cost of developing a telemedicine app depends on the number of features you want us to integrate in your app. Some of the main elements that can impact the cost are the app complexity, UI/UX design, location, and app prototyping. Feel free to reach out to us and share your app ideas. We will provide you with a rough estimate so that you can work it out.


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