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  • 14 Apr 2022

Digittrix Visit to The Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore

Learning and development opportunities can arise at any time and in any place; all we have to do is seize them and make the most of them.

And working with a Government institute proved one of the best learning opportunities for us.

CIIL, The Central Institute of Indian Languages hired us to build their recruitment website. Working with (CIIL) proved to be a highly rewarding professional experience for us. It was the best project we'd ever worked on, with a tight deadline that we met on time.

But this blog is not about our project with them or job portal features, It's about our visit to CIIL, Mysore. A beautiful experience to meet the beautiful people of CIIL.

CIIL planned everything so that we could visit their location, train their team, and set up their office server.


Early morning, 29th March we took our flight to Bengaluru, and a 5-hour cab to CIIL, Mysore. The journey was fully comfortable and our hearts pounding with great excitement to meet the people of the institute.

As we entered the institute, we were greeted with a warm welcome and pleasant smiles. We were given rooms in the CIIL Guesthouse, which was extremely well-organized. 

Two-Day Training Session

The very next day, We began our training session with the staff, explaining how the portal works and how it will assist them to work efficiently. And also provided them the backend training.

We took their suggestions, questions, and concerns and troubleshot them. The staff was highly cooperative and attentive, It was not a 9 to 6 job, the Digittrix team coordinated with CIIL day and night to accomplish this in less number of days during their visit. 


After a two-day jam-packed schedule, the CIIL organized a lovely outing in Mysore for the team. First, we sought the blessings of the goddess Kali at Mahakali Mandir.