Taxi Booking App

An app with a distinct operating structure that makes luxury taxis more affordable to the general public while also benefiting drivers and keeping the system running.

Taxi Booking App:


The service user is a mover and packer service provider in Riyadh.

It was formed specifically to handle household items, documents, furniture, and so on with great precision and care while moving in Riyadh by a startup.

Their one-of-a-kind business model connects drivers with people looking for packers and movers for relocating or shifting.


The goal at this point was to conduct extensive research on the target audience. This research gave us insight into user needs and issues. This research provided us with a clear picture of what the user wants and whether or not the design and development we're doing are relevant to the user

Our Target Audience

Our app is ideal for those who want to ensure that all valuable items are carefully packed and unpacked in order to avoid even the smallest scratch while relocating.

Client's Requirements

  • a. It was compatible with various mobile platforms, including iOS and Android
  • b. They wanted to ensure that the app would bring in better transparency
  • c. The Client wanted the app to help both customers and drivers by providing an interactive and simple way to book taxis
  • d. The app should be designed in such a way that booking the service is as simple as possible for the user. It should feel smooth, and the navigation should be simple and easy to use.
  • e. The user should be able to book the service immediately or later. Cancellation of ordered services should also be permitted. These tasks should be simple.
  • g.Driver information, such as the driver's name and vehicle information, must be available. For security and safety reasons, the user should be able to view them.
  • i. To ensure the service user's safety, an emergency contact is essential.

Our Solutions:

  • a. We created the app and ensured that it could be installed and run efficiently on smartphones running various operating systems such as iOS and Android.
  • b. The App includes the following features:
    • User-centered booking procedure
    • Real-time tracking
    • Booking flexibility
    • User Feedback Section
    • Emergency Contact Option
  • c. We integrated several payment methods into the app, including credit card, online banking, PayPal, cash, etc.
  • d. Multiple bookings for different locations can be made at the same time using the same phone.

Technology Used:

Third-party APIs

SMS & mail gateway

Payment Gateway

Communication API( agora/Twilio)

Google API


Business analyst
Graphic designer
Project manager
Website designer
Web and API backend developer
Android app developer
IOS app developer
Quality analyst

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